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Is merit-based selection not working?
We know a better way...

Recruitmen & Selection Toolkit

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Recruit the best person for the job every time

Recruitment & Selection Toolkit

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Optimise the performance of your workforce

Contribution & Review Toolkit

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Create a positive values-based culture

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Enabling employers to succeed

Most organisations find recruiting the right people and managing them effectively a difficult and high ongoing cost.

Workplace Success can solve this problem for you. We develop values-based Human Resource Management (HRM) toolkits that give you the skills, expertise and resources to recruit, manage and lead your workforce successfully.

Recruitment & Selection Toolkit

Bringing out the best in people

With our values-based toolkits, you’ll be able to:


Our products and services encompass the latest research and thinking in human leadership, motivation and development. They are designed to create workplaces where people want to work.

Workplace Success enable you to build a workplace where everyone is treated with respect and regard, where people are engaged, contributing their strengths, working productively together and striving to achieve a shared vision.


How are we different?

We know that values and culture matter. Our toolkits enable you to define and integrate these unique aspects of your business into your recruitment, development and leadership processes.

We support you to transition from the difficult task of “managing human resources” to the much easier task of developing mutually rewarding working relationships with human beings.

Contribution & Review Toolkit


Easy-to-use DIY toolkits

Our products are do-it-yourself toolkits, designed for organisations to purchase via our shop.

The toolkits are simple to use and include everything you need. A policy underpins each process and a procedure guides you through every step. They are designed to develop the skills and expertise of the user. Each toolkit contains a comprehensive user guide, handy tips and additional resource links. The toolkits are delivered as a zip file that includes a PDF booklet with the forms provided in Word.


Values-based Recruitment and Selection Toolkit

Find people who believe in your values, are committed to your vision and keen to contribute to your organisation.

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Values-based Contribution and Review Toolkit

Engage your workforce, develop their performance and build a positive values-based culture.

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Professional support and legally compliant

Every toolkit purchase includes three one-on-one 30-minute sessions with a values-based HRM professional to provide advice and assistance if required.
Every product is fully compliant with Australian legislation.

One-off cost

When you purchase a Workplace Success product, the product is yours to use as many times as you like. There are no recurring costs! The pricing for each product is dependent on the size of your organisation.

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