Recruit the best person for the job every time

This professionally developed toolkit gives you everything you need to undertake a successful recruitment and selection process.

The process is relationship orientated and recognises that the needs of the employer and the needs of the applicant are equally important. It explores the values, needs and capabilities of both parties to form a mutually rewarding employment relationship.

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5 reasons you need this Values-based Recruitment and Selection Toolkit

1Define your values and assess your workplace culture

It provides you with the tools to consider and identify your organisation’s values and workplace culture in a quick and simple way.

2Select the best candidate every time

The toolkit enables you to recruit the right person every time, someone who is aligned with your organisation’s values and a great fit with your existing team. Your new team member will be happier, keen to contribute and committed to stay around longer.

3Explore the strengths and potential of applicants

Traditional selection Workplace Success selection
Defined applicant information sought Potential of applicant explored
Focus on needs of organisation Needs of both parties considered
Minimal consideration of the alignment of organisational values/workplace culture Focus on the alignment of organisational values/workplace culture
Inflexible Flexible
Focus on technical skills and qualifications Broader focus, including values, strengths and relationship capability
Limited Process Open Process
Bureaucratic Entrepreneurial
Limited information exchange Open and transparent information exchange

4Improve decision-making

This process significantly improves the quality, relevance and depth of information shared between the employer and the applicant. It ensures that both parties are able to make an effective employment decision.

5No recurring costs

The toolkit is a one-off investment you will quickly recoup by selecting the right candidates for your job openings. There are no recurring fees.

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Inclusions, compliance and pricing

All you need in one simple toolkit
Our products are do-it-yourself HRM toolkits for employers and managers. They are simple and easy to use; no previous HRM experience is required. A policy underpins each process and a procedure guides you through every step. A comprehensive user guide is included with expert advice, useful tips and inspiring quotes.

Professional support included
The toolkit includes 90 minutes of one-on-one product support with an experienced values-based HRM professional. The support can be provided in three 30-minute sessions and is available for six months from the date of purchase.

Legally compliant
The Values-based Recruitment and Selection Process Toolkit is fully compliant with Australian legislation.

One-off cost – no recurring fees

When you purchase a Workplace Success product, the product is yours to use as many times as you like. There are no recurring costs! The pricing for each product is dependent on the size of your organisation.

1-50 Full-time equivalent employees $1,650 (includes GST)
50-100 Full-time equivalent employees $2,750 (includes GST)
100 + Full-time equivalent employees $5,500 (includes GST)

Values-based Recruitment and Selection Toolkit


Values-based Recruitment and Selection Toolkit



Additional Information

Company Size

1- 50 employees, 50 -100 employees, 100+ employees

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