Contract an experienced values-based HRM professional to work with your organisation

Our experienced values-based HRM professionals are available to work one-on-one with you and your management team.

We ensure you find people who are committed to your vision, who believe in your values and who will be a great ‘fit’ with your culture and existing team.

We can take you through the entire recruitment and selection process, from drafting the position description, writing the advertisement, shortlisting the applicants to conducting the interviews and undertaking the referee checks.  We actively participate in the process with you and provide advice, guidance and support through every step.

Save $$$ by only paying for the services you need

We understand that there are aspects of the recruitment and selection process that you can do and there may be some aspects that you would like some help with.

Traditional recruiters charge for an entire process, with Workplace Success you just pay for the services you need.

Values-based recruitment and selection training

We believe that the best recruitment and selection is done by the organisation employing the staff participating in the process.  You know your business, your culture, your existing workforce and who will fit best with your team better than anyone.

Our experienced HRM professionals and facilitators are available to train and develop you and your management team in every aspect of values-based recruitment and selection.  Our aim is to equip participants with the skills, expertise and resources to recruit and select the best people for their teams every time.

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