Who are we?

Workplace Success is a small entrepreneurial group of people specialists. Carol Malcolm is the owner/operator of Workplace Success.

Our products and services encompass the latest research and thinking in leadership, motivation and development.  They are designed to create workplaces where people want to work.

Our philosophy

We believe that cultivating integrity, taking responsibility for your actions, developing respectful and collaborative relationships and encouraging self-leadership brings out the best in people.

Our vision

To make recruiting the right people, bringing out the best in them and developing a positive values-based culture achievable for every organisation.

What we do

We integrate values into recruitment, performance and culture. Our products and services give people the skills, expertise and resources to recruit, develop and lead others successfully.

Our definition of Workplace Success

Workplaces where everyone is treated with respect and regard. People are engaged, contributing their strengths, working collaboratively and productively together and striving to achieve a shared vision.

Our values


We care for every person’s dignity and treat all people with respect and regard. We honour and appreciate our differences. We develop and maintain collaborative and productive working relationships.


Integrity underpins all our actions. As an organisation and as individuals, we are honest, reliable and open. We take responsibility for whatever we do. We deliver on promises and honour our commitments.

Customer focus

We listen carefully to our customers. We focus on meeting their needs and strive to exceed their expectations. We create and develop innovative and high quality values-based products and services that are simple and easy to use.


We inspire, engage and enable potential. We encourage and support people to push their own boundaries, step outside of their comfort zone and to believe in their abilities.

Creativity and Innovation

We encourage and support creativity and new and innovative ways of thinking, being and doing. We are committed to ongoing learning and development in all aspects of our work.

Joy, Kindness and Wellbeing Smiley

We create positive energy through encouraging and supporting smiles, joy and laughter. We have genuine concern for the welfare of others and are friendly and ready to help. We are courteous and tactful in our interactions. We recognise and respect that every person has a life outside of work and fully support flexible working arrangements. We support the individual pursuit of emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Care for our environment

We take action to protect the environment and preserve resources whilst undertaking our work.

Here’s what our clients are saying

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