Optimise the performance of your workforce

This professionally developed toolkit gives you everything you need to develop, manage and review the performance of your workforce.  It is designed to bring out the best in people and to develop a positive values-based culture.

It cultivates integrity, develops respectful and collaborative relationships and encourages self-leadership.  The process ensures people are held accountable for how they work as well as for what they achieve.

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5 reasons you need this Contribution and Review Toolkit

1Develops respect, integrity and accountability

It develops and integrates the positive values of respect, integrity and accountability into your organisation’s performance and culture.

2Increases employee engagement and contribution

It provides everyone with the opportunity to utilise their ideas, strengths, talents and interests to contribute to your organisation. It encourages everyone to do their best.

3Develops self-leadership

The process facilitates self-leadership. It enables self-reflection and self-review against a values-based performance framework. It ensures people take responsibility for how they work as well as for what they achieve.

4Optimises working relationships

It is designed to build and maintain productive and effective working relationships. People are required to demonstrate respect and regard for others, collaborate effectively and share expertise and information.

5Increases the integration of your organisation’s values into performance and culture

It integrates your organisation’s values into the performance of your workforce. The process holds everyone to account for how they behave, it is designed to increase creativity and collaboration and eliminate bullying.


Inclusions, compliance and pricing

All you need in one simple toolkit
Our products are do-it-yourself HRM toolkits for employers and managers. They are simple and easy to use, no previous HRM experience is required. A policy underpins each process and a procedure guides you through every step. A comprehensive user guide is included with expert advice, useful tips and inspiring quotes.

Professional support included
The toolkit includes 90 minutes of one-on-one product support with an experienced values-based HRM professional. The support can be provided in three 30-minute sessions and is available for six months from the date of purchase.

Legally compliant
The Values-based Contribution and Review Toolkit is fully compliant with Australian legislation.

One-off cost – no recurring fees
(depending on the size of your organisation)

1-50 Full-time equivalent employees $1,320 (includes GST)
50-100 Full-time equivalent employees $2,420 (includes GST)
100 + Full-time equivalent employees $4,840 (includes GST)

Values-based Contribution and Review Toolkit


Values-based Contribution and Review Toolkit



Additional Information

Company Size

1 – 50 employees, 50 -100 employees, 100+ employees

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