Facilitation and Leadership Services

At Workplace Success, we provide a range of professional values-based facilitation and leadership services for leaders wanting to build a successful organisation.

Define your organisation’s values

Let Workplace Success help you define your organisation’s values. Having values allows you to create a point of differentiation. What may be important to some organisations will not be important to others. It enables you to stand for and operate from a unique set of shared principles.

Defining your values creates a framework for positive attitudes and behaviour (workplace culture). It builds trust, accountability and reliability in how your organisation is perceived by clients, staff, suppliers and the general community.

Our professional team works closely with you to customise a participative process that best suits your needs.



Define behaviours for your organisation’s values

Once you know your organisation’s values, we can facilitate a consultative process with relevant stakeholders to define three key behaviours for each of your organisation’s values.

Defining the behaviours for each value provides everyone with a clear, consistent and transparent performance framework. It enables you to integrate your values into your organisation’s performance development, leadership and culture.

Values-based Workplace Culture Development

In this process, we work closely with relevant stakeholders to develop and embed the vision, strategy and values of your organisation into a set of workplace culture principles.

We give you practical tools and strategies to transform your values into measurable behaviours.



Leadership Programs

Values-based Leadership Program

This program has been developed to inform and enable people to lead and manage effectively in a values-based framework. It provides leaders with the knowledge, skills and expertise to build a values-based culture and to create and lead a collaborative and productive workforce.

Values-based Self-Leadership Program

This program has been developed to inspire and enable people to take responsibility for leading themselves in a values-based framework. Participants define their personal values and develop and integrate strategies to work in alignment with the organisation’s values.

Values-based Leadership Support

One-on-one values-based leadership support is available with Carol Malcolm via Skype or in person. These sessions provide participants with the opportunity to reflect on, discuss and develop their ability to lead themselves and their organisations in a values-based framework.

Carol is focused on enabling leaders to fulfil their potential and supporting them to build a responsive, sustainable and successful organisation.



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