1Values and culture

Applicants need to know what you value, why you do what you do and what attitudes and behaviour are recognised and rewarded in your workplace. Understanding and informing applicants about these elements of your business is critical if you want to find people who will be a great ‘fit’ with your organisation.

2Aligning strengths and strategy

Most recruitment and selection processes aim to match an applicant to a specific position description looking only for the qualifications, experience, technical skills and expertise to do that specific job. But this is only part of the employment equation. What can the applicant contribute to your strategy? How will they fit with your existing team?  How do they prefer to work?  What strengths and talents do they have that your organisation needs? What do they love to do?

3Be honest

Share honest and realistic information about what it’s really like to work for your organisation, the good and the bad. Avoid creating unrealistic expectations. Ensure applicants know where they’ll be working, how long they’ll be working, when they’re required to be contactable and responding to emails/calls/texts, what resources they’ll have access to, how much autonomy, etc.  Don’t promise what you can’t deliver.

4It’s all about relationships

When you recruit someone you are commencing a relationship with that person.  The needs of the employer and the needs of the employee are equally important if the relationship is going to work well.  Start your relationship as you intend to maintain it.  Make sure the line manager is on the panel, tell the person how they will be managed, be honest about your strengths and weaknesses as a manager. Build your employment relationships from a foundation of honesty and respect.


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Carol Malcolm is the Director of Workplace Success, a values-based HR consultancy on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Contact Carol at workplacesuccess.com.au to find out more about Values-based Recruitment and Selection.

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